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Carol Fox

I’m a freelance writer and editor based in San Francisco, California.

As a writer I specialize in four areas: consumer- and b2b-friendly technical writing, entertainment copywriting for print and web, English language localization, and SEO blogging. I am knowledgeable in a wide range of subject matter, well versed in marketing theory and search engine optimization, and can adjust my tone readily to suit the intended message and reader.

On the editing side I have experience in production editing, developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading. Ten years as an editor gave me a solid background in prepress production and project management, as well as the ability to collaborate successfully with designers, engineers, marketers, vendors and senior management. Two years as a trade journalist honed my research skills and business savvy, and six years as a graphic novel editor (plus a BFA in screenwriting from USC) made me fluent in a variety of visual media. Examples of my journalism and developmental editing are viewable in my portfolio.

Whether I’m writing or editing for a blog or magazine, localizing text for comics or games, or creating technical or marketing copy for web or print, my goal is the same: to deliver the highest quality work, on time and on budget.

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